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COVID-19 Solutions Starting At $15

We've done the work for you to ensure authenticity and we continue to challenge the market to provide products that meet or exceed our industry leading standards.
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Due Diligence

Our manufacturers meet:

  • ISO-9001 Standards (International Standard for quality management & regulatory requirements)
  • Have a long-standing history of Rapid Diagnostic excellence
  • All facilities have been inspected and approved under strict guidelines
  • COVID-19 tests are registered with the FDA under EUA guidelines


Testing Authentication:

  • Powered by US Med Test Registry Portfolio
  • Anti-counterfeit product verifcation
  • Real-time reporting of test results can includes age, gender and geolocation (GPS coordinates)
  • The analytics dashboard can show infection rates of specific areas, IgM and IgG antibody testing

Testing Details

Rapid Testing Solution:

  • Our fully integrated testing options have unparalleled efficacy and traceability for use in high complexity CLIA labs and point of care testing
  • Standards of specificity and sensitivity are provided by suppliers and manufacturers of our testing kits.
  • Test results can be reported through US Med Test Registry Portfolio
  • Rapid test results can be available in minutes, not hours or days

COVID-19 Resources, Guidelines & More

United States Food & Drug Administration

Frequently Asked Questions on Diagnostic Testing for SARS-CoV-2

Center for Disease Control

Review the CDCs advice to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

The Team at US Med Test delivers confidence in the environment and interactions that are within your control. We utilize cutting edge technology including non-invasive testing to deliver immediate results. Our testing programs are administered by skilled, verified health care professionals that coordinate with our High Complexity CLIA Lab network to deliver consistent, affordable results.

All US Med Test programs and testing meet or exceed the standards of federal reporting to help create actionable efforts in pro-active prevention and containment. Our software partners use dual encryption and blockchain technology to identify every patient and ensure privacy rights and ensure HIPAA compliance.


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