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Work tirelessly to vet, source and supply fully integrated, value-based solutions to battle the current pandemic facing our country.


US Med Test, along with Affirmative Solutions are committed to providing the best end to end solutions available in today’s difficult environment.


We have 12 years of documented results in providing our customers with the products or services they need in a cost-effective manner.

Business Team

John E. Rosich III

President US Med Test
President – Affirmative Solutions
Johnson & Johnson – National Accounts Manager

Russell Basch

President QED Ventures
MIT – Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Top Amazon Entrepreneur

Billy Williams

President – Affirmative Solutions

Ken Morrison

Principal Partner

Ron Price

CEO Genesis RTG
Education and Health

Paul Dodrill

Principal Innovative Solutions To Risk

Ryan Frey

Vice President Leasing
Healthcare & Real Estate Services

Strategic Advisory Board

Jeff Dunkel

CEO for NuHope
Committee & Advisory roles with HHS, NIH, FDA & White House

Mike Passilla

CEO – Posillipo Ventures, Inc.
Vice Chairman JPMorgan Chase (Ret.)
Board – Center for Global Health Innovation

William Woodall

Managing Director
Taylor English Decisions

Mark Lindsay

Executive Office of the President – Clinton
The Livingston Group, Washington D.C.

Clint Bruce

CEO TRG Ventures

Bill Horne

President Home Management

Jeff Fusile

President – Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Georgia

A Letter From Our PResident

Get Moving Again…

The United States was unprepared to deal with a pandemic. The parallels with what happened after the attack on 9-11 cannot be understated. As a country, we have to improve our ability to engage our way of life while participating in a global economy. The Team at US Med Test can help you get your team “back in the game”.

Measures we undertake now must be vetted and flexible enough to perform when future outbreaks seek to disrupt our way of life. The challenges associated with this current issue are unique. PCR testing is preferred, however other countries have proven that serological testing is useful due to logistics and cost. Manufacturing produced outside the United States requires large orders, significant financial commitments with little to no commitment on delivery times. FDA, CDC and the WHO continue to strain all available resources to aid in our recovery while new information continues to challenge what the medical community is advising due to lack of a national data base or reporting protocols. Couple all of this with a “sneaky” virus that can hide inside the human carrier while shedding and never showing outward signs of infection and you have what may prove to be one of the biggest challenges to our way of life since WWII.

We can win. We have flexible testing options to compliment our custom protocols. We have recognized world leaders advising our HC CLIA Lab on each and every solution produced. We have a personal verification platform that includes enough information to be helpful to our society, protect individual privacy, and promote ease of use while remaining HIPAA compliant. Our global platform features unique, validated, bio-metric interface for congested ingress. We will exceed your corporate, state, school, athletic or federal challenge and ensure you receive a flexible, value-based, powered option.

Get Moving Again….

John Rosich
US Med Test

The Team at US Med Test delivers confidence in the environment and interactions that are within your control. We utilize cutting edge technology including non-invasive testing to deliver immediate results. Our testing programs are administered by skilled, verified health care professionals that coordinate with our High Complexity CLIA Lab network to deliver consistent, affordable results.

All US Med Test programs and testing meet or exceed the standards of federal reporting to help create actionable efforts in pro-active prevention and containment. Our software partners use dual encryption and blockchain technology to identify every patient and ensure privacy rights and ensure HIPAA compliance.


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