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US Med Test has comprehensive solutions that have the ability to evolve as new challenges present themselves. We can drive global problem solving using our integrated A.I. approach. The team represents leadership with recognized expertise in federal, state, and corporate value based solutions.

Each US Med Test solution will feature the US Med Test Registry Portfolio. This proven platform has the flexibility and security to meet our customers demanding and ever-changing needs.



Flexible testing solutions that have been vetted by a High Complexity CLIA Lab.



Anti-counterfeit product verification and Real time reporting using secure end-to-end encryption. Validated bio-metric interface for congested ingress (Sports, Schools, Entertainment).

Value Based

Ability to customize each solution to meet your financial and legal obligations. Resourceful integration with recognized eCommerce leadership.


All proceeds from the sale of our portfolio go to supporting the Carry the Load Foundation.

Students Back to School

Athletes Back to Practice

Employees Back to the Office

Sports & Social Gatherings

Corporate Planning

The Team at US Med Test delivers confidence in the environment and interactions that are within your control. We utilize cutting edge technology including non-invasive testing to deliver immediate results. Our testing programs are administered by skilled, verified health care professionals that coordinate with our High Complexity CLIA Lab network to deliver consistent, affordable results.

All US Med Test programs and testing meet or exceed the standards of federal reporting to help create actionable efforts in pro-active prevention and containment. Our software partners use dual encryption and blockchain technology to identify every patient and ensure privacy rights and ensure HIPAA compliance.


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